Mission & Vision

As the Body of Christ, we will bring pleasure and glory to Jesus as He lives in and through us,
expressing His life within the Body, and to our community and the world.

Because Jesus lives in and through us:

We are becoming a devoted Body...
that passionately loves God and continually experiences His transforming grace and power by:
- Enjoying fellowship with Him
-Worshiping Him in spirit and truth
-Trusting HIm in all things
-Holding fast to His Word
-Walking in His Spirit
We are becoming a unified Body...
that intimately knows each one and is actively
engaging in each one's life through:
- Spirit controlled gatherings
-Authentic, committed relationships
-Consistent encouragement
-Serving one another in love
We are becoming a prepared Body...
that thoroughly equips its members for all kinds of service with:
-Biblical knowledge that transforms
-Reliable leaders training others
-A Biblical worldview and a solid grasp of the Gospel
-An understanding of our culture and relevant ministry
We are becoming an engaged Body...
that compassionately touches all cultures and
generations both locally and globally for Jesus Christ
through our words and deeds by:

-Being salt and light
-Establishing ourselves as a spiritual refuge
in our local community
-Making disciples who are taught to obey all
that Jesus has commanded
-Mobilizing long and short term missionaries
-Providing for the spiritual and physical
needs of our missionaries
-Serving the extended Body of Christ as the
Spirit leads us to opportunities for ministry to its members and leaders