Senior Pastor: Stan Myers

Family: Married to Mindy with three children & two grandchildren.
Education: Biola University and Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary
Ministry: General shepherding with an emphasis on preaching and teaching.

Associate Pastor:
Brad Dettwyler

Family: Married to Christine with two children.
Ministry: Hospitality ministries and ministries to the whole church family. Oversees Family Life Groups and Adult Education Classes/EBF's.

Assistant Pastor: Mark Idol

Family: Married to Melody with three children.

Director of Ministries to Children: Mindy Myers

Family: Married to Stan with three children & two grandchildren.
Education: Biola University
Ministry: The development, implementation and oversight of all EBC ministries to children through the eighth grade.

Director of Youth Ministries:
Cole Flanigan

Family: Married to Valerie
Ministry: The development, implementation, and oversight of our youth ministries, ninth through twelfth grade.

Director of Biblical Counseling and Women's Ministries:
Karen Avinelis

Family: Married to Tom with two children & grandchildren.

Office Manager:
Krista Dettwyler

Ministry: Serving the pastoral staff in their various ministries, specifically by planning, coordinating, assigning and personally participating in the daily office work.

Administrative Assistant:
Mindy Walz

Ministry: Assisting in serving the pastoral staff in their various ministries by providing administrative and operational support.

Elder Board
Tom Aman
Brett Davisson
Brad Dettwyler
Mark Idol
Greg Hoffman
Kent Kaufman
Stan Myers
David Ortega
Andrew Stucky
Harold Tuggy

Church Board
Pat Campbell
Brad Dettwyler
Cole Flanigan
Jim Klopfenstein
Wally Lierman
Mindy Myers
Dennis Roth
Jenny Shetler
David Steffen
Andrew Stucky
Harold Tuggy
Bob Zirschky