Men's Open Fellowship

All men are welcome!  We meet at 5:30 am every Tuesday morning in Pastor Stan’s office. Out of respect for our schedules, we finish promptly at 6:30 am, however, informal fellowship is welcome to continue past that time. We park in the north asphalted parking lot next to Sunnyview Rd.

It’s often a struggle to meet so early.  We usually drag in, but often leave with a spring in our step.

We begin by inviting God’s Spirit to have His will in our hearts during our time together.  That is followed by reading a portion of scripture. 
As best we know how, we allow His Word to interact with our unglossed lives and relationships.  Our words, exhortations and encouragements come from that context.  We end our hour together praying for each other and any special needs there may be.

There is no question too dumb, no situation too embarrassing. There is nothing to hide or to prove.  All are welcome.  We hold each other, as well as those of our relationships, with respect and honor, and yield our soapbox tendencies to the Holy Spirit.  Our prayer and desire is that any agenda, apart from our Lord’s, will be discerned and placed into submission to Him.

We would love to have you join us!


Men's Retreat -

The men's retreat occurs annually - come for fellowship, beach time, and an epic ping-pong tournament!