Family Camp

The name Family Camp is actually pretty misleading. Family Camp is a great event for families to participate in together and yet that is not the reason for the name. When we at Emmanuel use “Family” in titles like “Family Life Groups” or “Family Camp” we are actually talking about something much bigger than the biological family. We are talking about those who have been adopted into God’s family through faith in Jesus. It is a big family, a diverse family, a family whose unity authenticates the gospel message to the world, and a family that will one day be perfect! We often use “Family” in reference to church wide events/ministries simply as a reminder of this incredible reality and to communicate a primary goal of fellowship in a diverse, church wide context.

A little over a month ago we had our 2018 Family Camp at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center. We had a diverse group of approximately 180 of us from Emmanuel Bible Church that enjoyed a wonderful weekend together. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, the weather was incredible, and most importantly we thoroughly enjoyed the extended time of fellowship! Mike Arzie (Student Pastor at Southwest Bible Church) did an outstanding job of teaching on Technology & Relationships. The content was very relevant and prompted further contemplation and healthy discussions that extended far beyond the weekend.

Next year, we plan to return to Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center for our 2019 Family Camp. We have made reservations for January 11-13 and have asked Mike Arzie to return as our guest speaker. Would you consider joining us next year? Remember, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy an extended time of fellowship as a diverse group of people who are all united by Jesus into THE FAMILY! I am confident your participation will benefit you, it will benefit us, and ultimately it will benefit His Kingdom!

2019 Family Camp Dates: January 11-13

2018 Family Camp Session Content
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