Vision, Mission, and Values

That Christ would be seen by all.

To bring pleasure and glory to Christ Jesus by expressing his life, obeying his will, and advancing his kingdom.

As the Body of Christ at Emmanuel Bible Church, we value…

  • Worship: we strive to bring pleasure and glory to Jesus in all we do.

  • Scripture: the Bible is the supreme source of truth, informing all our decisions and documents.
  • Prayer: we devote ourselves to prayer.
  • Unity: we hold firmly to the doctrines we consider to be absolute, while respecting different convictions and preferences.
  • Christlikeness: we strive to display the fruit of the Spirit and humility in all our conversations and interactions.
  • Discipleship: we make disciples in our church, community, and world.
  • People: we value every person as made in the image of God and every Christ-follower as an essential part of his body.