Life Groups

Why Life Groups?
As members of Christ's Body, our connection to each other is critical for our health, the health of the church, and God's glory! As our church grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for close connection. Thus, as we grow bigger, we also must "grow smaller". For some, this may happen informally. For most, intentionality is necessary. There are several opportunities for small group connection at Emmanuel Bible Church. If you are not currently experiencing close Body of Christ/Church Family life, please consider trying a Life Group. All ages are welcome, and diversity is encouraged!

What to expect...
Each Life Group is different and will have a unique flavor. However, we all have some basic reasons for gathering...

  • Fellowship - We have been adopted into His family and were designed to be closely connected to one another. Our fellowship is to be centered on God's Word and is ultimately WITH the Triune God!
  • Outreach – While we are a family and called to close connection, our focus cannot be solely inward. We are on Mission.
  • Care/Shepherding – Life Groups help us care for each other and shepherd more effectively. This happens as one-anothering occurs between members, It also happens as shepherds have more opportunity to get to know and walk with those in their Life Group.

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