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-Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am
This other Sunday morning opportunity is a more traditional adult class where the setting is a smaller venue that aims more narrowly on Biblical education along with some time spent in prayer for expressed needs.  Little or no activities occur outside of Sunday morning.

EMMANUEL BIBLE FELLOWSHIP GROUPS (EBF) - A connecting place for Christ-centered fellowship that provides a forum for spiritual growth/ministry/service among participants.
-Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am
The focus is that of building a community of believers where Biblical education and the building of relationships occur within the context of Christ-centered fellowship.  The gathering includes participatory teaching and connection activities that strengthen relationships.  Additionally, the developing of “community” expands beyond Sunday mornings to include group socials/activities, some lay pastoral care to and from group members during the week when such needs present themselves, and perhaps small groups which may form out of the EBF Group for mid-week study in a smaller intimate setting.
The EBF Group reflects an early church  like involvement within a community where the “one another's” of Scripture are lived out more extensively and where each individual is encouraged to discover and use his gifts to serve others.  We encourage newcomers to take the next step at Emmanuel Bible by visiting and hopefully getting involved in an EBF as they make Emmanuel Bible their church home.



ELLS - God has gifted and called each Christian to serve Him.  Ephesians 4:11-16 defines equipping God’s people for works of service as a primary task of the church’s spiritual leadership. Emmanuel Bible Church’s leadership is committed to training God’s people and providing them with opportunities to serve. ELLS is an intensive training program primarily designed to train Christians for church leadership, though the training can be useful to any Christian.  The three main components of ELLS training focus on the Christian character of the leader, Biblical and theological education, and practical ministry skills.  Some of the training is specifically focused on the role of men in leadership, however, ELLS is available for both men and women. 

JOYFUL SOUND - To encourage those who are lonely or those who feel a need for fellowship, encouragement and prayer. We endeavor to  "Carry One Another's Burdens".
-Saturdays, (specific Saturdays are set), at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
What? A time of sharing is held along with prayer request, a scripture lesson - sometimes with assignments.  There is usually a yearly "sing along" and occasionally short trips.
Where? There are a variety of different places we meet, among those are in a "Joyful Sound" attendee's home, leader's home, restaurants, etc. Rides are made when needed.

MEN'S MINISTRY - "Equipping”  men by helping them grow toward healthy relationships with Christ.
-Men's Fellowship - every Tuesday @ 5:30 am
Other activities include:  Golf Tournaments - every fall; Retreats - every spring; Small Groups - various gatherings.

WOMEN'S MINISTRY - Emmanuel Bible Church's Women's Ministries (EBCWM) exists to glorify God. Through teaching, mentoring and fellowship we will provide the women, young ladies and girls of Emmanuel Bible with opportunities for:...(WM page currently offline)

-Sunday Mornings at 9:30 am
The make up of this group is college age young adults who are receiving higher education or starting down their career path.  Their Sunday mornings consist of class study and fellowship. They also gather together for fellowship outside of Sunday mornings.